Our Vision:
Lead all generations into a transforming relationship with Jesus.
Our Values:
As a community formed and sustained by Jesus Christ, we value…
  1.  Creating an environment where people feel safe to enter and stay
  2.  Diverse and multi-generational relationships
  3.  The authority of Scripture in all matters of faith and practice
  4.  Reaching out to a broken world with healing love
  5.  Introducing people to Jesus and teaching how to grow in grace
These values are the things that we hold dear to our hearts at Lake Sarah. We desire to be a place where all are welcome and may worship God freely. In order to help us embody this best, we look into the Scriptures to see what we are to emulate. As such, our mission is to carry on the example we were first given.

Our Mission:
As a gathering of God’s people, our mission is to worship God, grow toward maturity in Christ and share the Good News of God’s love with others.
We look to the first church to form our identity as a community of believers in Jesus Christ. Acts 2:42-47 provides us with several distinguishing marks of the early church. Based on that model, we have committed ourselves at Lake Sarah to being. . .

 A Learning Church: The Word of God holds a central place in our daily lives and are devoted to Biblical preaching and teaching, seeking to offer numerous opportunities for kids, youth and adults to grow in their knowledge and practice of God’s Word.
 A Caring Church: We affirm the reality that we are bound to Jesus Christ and each other through faith. This means we share common life together; not just in words, but in actions that meet the needs of those in the community of faith
 A Worshiping Church: We are devoted to the regular worship of the living God. As with the early church, we too seek both informal and formal worship. We enjoy the richness of older hymns, but also singing praise songs.
 A Sharing Church: Our aim is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community, as well as around the world. We believe we have a  duty to share the grace and love we’ve experience in Christ with other. The most productive way to do so is by friendships.