Get Connected
Ready to experience Lake Sarah not just on Sundays? There are always things happening throughout the week here. From activities for your kids & youth to small group meetings for both men & women. Looking for more still? There are always opportunities to volunteer and get involved at a whole new level at Lake Sarah!
All Ages
  Sunday School Sunday’s at 9:30am 
  Lake Sarah 252 Wednesday’s at 6pm (free supper) 6:30pm group time.
  Worship Service Sunday’s at 10:30am
Our Goal at Lake Sarah is to provide a fun place for kids to be themselves, make friends and ask those questions they have about God…no matter how silly!
Kids are invited to join us for:
We love our youth! We offer a place for middle and high school  (7th grade through 12th) to come together have some fun, learn about God and build connections. 
Youth Group meets Wednesday’s at 6:30pm – free meal at 6pm
Life is a journey, and we need each other in all stages of life. That’s why whether you’re 19 or 99, we’ve got a group for you. If you’re interested in one, you’re welcome to just show up and join us, we’d love to have you!
We have regular events throughout the year.  From concerts to service projects, there is always something to do at LSBC. 
  • Each week there is an email called “On the Calendar” that you can read here.
  • Or contact our office to be put on the mailing list.
There are countless ways you can help. Whether you’re interested in kids or teens, playing music or leading a group. We’re happy to help you use the gifts God’s given you!
  • Contact someone on our staff to see how you can volunteer today!